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Torn Photograph by Lee Ranaldo Torn Photograph (for SR & RS) (maquette version) by Lee Ranaldo

Torn photograph in a glassine envelope

Size - 7"x7"

Edition of 25
Numbered and signed by the artist

$200, click here to purchase

Artist statement: This is a photo work based on a past work by Robert Smithson, which was included in an artist's multiples box in 1970. It was a picture of rubble torn in 4 quarters and put in a glassine envelope. I've taken it a step further: Steve Reich, the composer, is a friend and lives in our bldg. The 4 organs of his famous "Four Organs" piece are gathering dust in our basement. That piece meant the world to me at the time (also around 1970). I've photographed the stacked up organs and done a similar torn print/glassine envelope and dedicated it to both men...

Torn Photograph by Lee Ranaldo Torn Photograph by Lee Ranaldo

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