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PWP053 - Matching sticks
By Vanessa Maltese

Each edition comes with two hand-formed, powder coated steel pendants topped with red Paulin #8 Vinyl Screw Protectors. One pendant comes on a navy blue cord and the other on a light blue cord. The cords measure 14 inches, the pendant measures 2 5/8 inches.

Edition of 25 with 5 artist proofs.
Accompanied by a hand-coloured card, numbered and signed by the artist.

For Matching sticks, Vanessa Maltese revisits a previous wearable work. The earlier version consisted of a single abstract pendant on a cord, assembled by merging two found elements: a short piece of yellow powder coated steel and a red Paulin #8 Vinyl Screw Protector. When wearing the original object, others associated it with what it looked like: a matchstick. Maltese revisits this piece with a sense of humour, naming the new work after this forced visual association.

Matching sticks is comprised of two hand-formed pendants - one pendant for the purchaser and a second to be gifted to a chosen recipient. The pendants match each other but are hung on different coloured blue cords. Each edition is accompanied by a hand-coloured card featuring a dotted line. The purchaser cuts the card along the dotted line, giving half to the person of their choice, when gifting the matching stick.

$150, click here to purchase

Matching sticks by Vanessa Maltese

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